If you have any problems with your equipment, try these simple tests yourself. If you have questions, we're here to walk you through them and we can help determine if you need to have a service call of if there might be a problem you can easily solve yourself.

1) Check circuit breakers to make sure they are in the "ON" position. Check switches and make sure cords are plugged in.
2) Check to see if evaporators or condenser coils are blocked, restricting air flow (this will cause units to overheat on the condenser side, or freezer up on the evaprator side)
 Air Conditioners:
Air conditioning units are designed to give a 20 degree drop from outside temperatures. Example: If it is 105 outside, expect 85 inside.
Is the fan blowing?
•No: Check breakers.
•Yes (very little): This could be caused by an iced coil. Turn the unit off for 2 hours, then turn it back on again.
•Yes (it's fine, but blowing warm air): On hot days, A/C units can go off on safety. Turn off for 5 minutes, then turn back on.
 Walk-in Freezers or Self-Contained Freezers (Zero to Four Degrees):
 1) Is fan on inside?
•Freezers can have at least 2 defrosts per day for up to one hour. During this time, the evaporator fans are off.
•Check to see if there is a fan switch that might have been turned off.
 2) Check evaporator condition.
•Check for icing up conditions on back side of coil (if the door is left open, the evaporator coil will ice up). Manually advance       your defrost timer into a defrost and de-ice the evaporator.
Walk-in Coolers and Prep Tables (33 to 40 degrees):
Fans inside are on all the time. Check for iced-up evaporators. Turn "Cold Controls" to higher temperatures to de-ice, and then turn the temperature back down to normal operating settings.

Try these simple tests you can do yourself: