Energy-Saving Tips
 HVAC Systems account for the greatest energy costs in your restaurant.

 Here is a list of some tips that can help you save money on your operating costs as well as down-time on your equipment:
-Check thermostat settings:
Cooling:                                                                                        Heating:
•74 when occupied                                                                          •68 when occupied
•90 when unoccupied                                                                     •55 when unoccupied

-Check batteries in programmable thermostats.
-Make sure programs are set properly.
-Place covers on thermostats if you suspect they are being tampered with.
-Perform a preventative maintenance on units every three months.
-Replace damaged door gaskets.
-Install or replace damaged strip curtains on walk-ins.
-Check door closers, repair or replace as necessary.
-Maintain good air-flow around the evaporator.
-Move boxes or plastic bags from around the unit.
-Keep doors and covers on prep tables and ice machines closed when not in use.
-Clean coils on evaporators and condensers.
-Replace fans on evaporator when as soon as they stop functioning properly.
Exhaust Hoods:
-Make sure appliances are under the hood.
-Move or close off four-way supply air diffusers so that they don't blow directly toward your exhaust hood.
-Install side panels where exhaust hoods fail to capture and contain exhaust.
Do it yourself - or call CBC Mechanical to do it for you!