-Install low-flow pre-rinse valve at pot washing station.
-Repair water leaks (especially hot water leaks).
Additional Energy-Saving Tips:
•Install Occupancy Sensors on light switches.
•Compact Fluorescent Lights
○Are 4 times as efficient
○Last 10 to 20 times longer
•Turn off loads when possible
○Heat Lamps
○One oven during slow times
○Coffee wamers
○Holding cabinets

Preventative Maintenance (PM):
A Preventative Maintenance Program will reduce energy costs and extend the life of your equipment. By recognizing and correcting potential problems before they get out of hand and by keeping equipment running at optimum efficiency, you will save on energy costs and on the repair and replacement of valuable equipment. CBC Mechanical offers services custom designed for your restaurant. We are committed to helping you keep your operating costs as low as possible and we are always happy to meet with you to explain in detail any service that would be of benefit to you and to your company.

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